Membership & Passes


You must be a USA student, faculty/staff, retiree, Alumni Association member, or university affiliate in order to join the USA Student Recreation Center. Spouses and dependents of the above primary members may also join. It is not open to the general public. The membership fees are below. All memberships are a twelve month commitment. 

Spouse: Anyone who is legally married to a current Student Recreation Center member. Proof of marriage or shared address is required if the last names differ. 

Dependent: Anyone who has a parent-child relationship with a current Student Recreation Center member and is age 25 and under. 

Currently enrolled students do not have to pay an additional fee in order to use the facility. It is already included in the activity fees.

If you are a paying member through payroll deduction or credit card billing and you enroll as a student, it is your responsibility to contact member services to stop the billing. Otherwise, the deduction will continue until Campus Recreation and Wellness is notified. No refunds will be issued.

Please Note: When paying with a credit card, the member will be notified of any declines via the email address provided on their enrollment form.  Updates are to be made to the payment method before the 10th of the month or the membership will be terminated. 

If you have any questions regarding membership, please call Shannon Rhodes, Assistant Director of Membership & Development, at 251-460-6293.


Currently Enrolled Students  No Additional Fee 
Spouse of Enrolled Student $10/Month
Dependent (ages 0-15) $8/Month
Dependent (ages 16-25) $10/Month
Unenrolled Students (one semester off) $40/Semester*

*Students taking one semester off from academic classes, who were enrolled the previous semester, may purchase a semester membership at the front desk. The fee is $40/semester and will prorate at the midpoint of the semester.



Individual Membership $10/Month
Spouse $10/Month
Dependents (ages 0-15) $8/Month
Dependents (ages 16-25) $10/Month

Faculty/Staff: USA paid faculty and staff who work directly for the University or USA Health System. This includes retired faculty and staff. 

Membership fees for current Faculty/Staff can be payroll deducted. Please designate choice of payment when completing application.  Retirees will need to set up monthly debit or credit card payments by calling Shannon Rhodes at 251-460-6293.


Annual Alumni/Lifetime Alumni*

Annual – Individual  $35/Month
Lifetime - Individual $25/Month
Annual – Spouse $35/Month
Lifetime – Spouse $25/Month
Dependents (ages 0-15) $8/Month
Annual Dependents (ages 16 - 25) $35/Month
Life time Dependents (ages 16 - 25) $25/Month

Alumni: Anyone who is considered an alumni by the University of South Alabama Alumni Association is eligible for membership at the Student Recreation Center. Applicant must be a dues paying member of the University of South Alabama Alumni Association. We will confirm your Lifetime or Annual status with the Alumni Association upon receiving your application. 


University Affiliate

Individual Membership $40/Month
Spouse $40/Month
Dependents (ages 0-15) $8/Month, per person
Dependents (ages 16 - 25) $40/Month, per person

A University Affiliate includes individuals that have professional relationships with USA outside of traditional employment. Currently, this membership is only offered to Aramark employees & JagTran drivers. 


Additional Options

Plus One Membership

  • Each household is eligible to have one "plus one" membership. 
  • This must be an adult, over the age of 18, that lives with the current Student Recreation Center member, but is not a legal spouse. 
  • Proof of shared address is required. 
  • This membership is only available to USA employees, Alumni, Retirees, and Affiliate members. 

Summer and Holiday Dependent Pass
Daily Guest Pass

Please call 251-460-6293 for more information. 

Please note the following for all members and guests: 

Campus Recreation and Wellness reserves the right to suspend the use of facilities or involvement in programs of participants that refuse to follow policy, deem a threat to themselves or others, and/or who treat staff in a disrespectful manner. Penalty, severity, and length of suspension will be determined on a case by case basis. 

Campus Recreation and Wellness student staff also reserve the right to refuse entry and/or discontinued use of the facility and/or involvement in programs, if a member or guest becomes unruly or refuses to follow policy.

Keep your belongings safe and secure by renting a locker in the Student Recreation Center. Lockers are assigned for one year (June 1st to May 31st). Each month is prorated from the original rental price.  Full-sized lockers begin at $75/year; half-sized lockers begin at $50/year. 

Click here to sign up for a locker. 

Month Full Size Half Size
June $75.00 $50.00
July $68.75 $45.83
August $62.50 $41.66
September $56.25 $37.49
October $50.00 $33.32
November $43.75 $29.15
Month Full Size Half Size
December $37.50 $24.98
January $31.25 $20.88
February $25.00 $16.72
March $18.75 $12.56
April $12.50 $8.40
May $6.25 $4.24

Towel rental is prorated from the original price of $36/year. Click here to sign up for towel service.

Month Cost Month Cost
June $36 December $18
July $33 January $15
August $30 February $12
September $27 March $9
October $24 April $6
November $21 May $3